My Journey in Crafting

I’ve never been good at starting my writing, so I’m just going to jump into things…

I have been doing some form of crafting as long as I can remember. My mom started me young. I have a little bunny I tried to hand embroider when I was five or six. (It’s currently in our storage unit, so I can’t find it right now to check for sure.) The stitches were large, but you can still tell it was a bunny. I remember doing better when I got older and learning how to do French knots on my embroidery too.

I next remember learning how to do cross stitch. My mom led a lesson in my Girl Scout troop in second grade, but she had already taught me. I was a simple two-color “I ❤ you” that was then put on a wooden spoon to be displayed. I remember having it hang in my grandma’s house. (I wonder what happened to it after she died.) When I was young, it seemed like my mom always had a cross stitch going on. She made something for new babies and my cousins’ graduations.

Image 49
A Harry Potter themed bookmark I designed myself. I got the fonts from “20 Backstitch Alphabets” from 1985.

Plastic canvas was another easy project I learned how to do when I was young. This was the first time I took an existing item and copied it to make my own. I had my graph paper out and was making the lines for a vase for plastic flowers. I don’t think I ever actually made it though.

The sewing machine was my next feet. This was a little more complicated. My first project was an apron to put in my hope chest. My mom had to explain was a hope chest was to be, but I still didn’t get it. (Ironically, I never got a chest to put things in. My mom says I can have her cedar chest when they move, but I have nowhere to put it in our little house.) I tried to make a teddy bear without a pattern. I found some leftover brown felt and cut the pieces and sewed them together. She was flat and the arms and legs were all different sizes, but I did it by my self.

Image 67
My first t-shirt quilt made for a friend’s daughter’s graduation. I’ve made 3 now and have another one to start soon. Each one has gotten more complex.

Crocheting was something I always remember my grandmother doing. She could lay a doily on her lap and copy the design with her hook and thread. She also made hot pads. Lots and lots of hot pads. She showed me once how she crocheted in a circle then folded them to make a square. My mom was amazed when I made one when I was in college (after my grandma had died) that that was how they were made. She never knew. My first crochet project in fifth grade was not so successful. I was taught to do a single crochet to make an ear warmer for my dad. My mom ended up doing most of it, but you could tell the part I did. I didn’t try it again until college. Now, I’m quite proficient. A friend showed me how to double crochet, then I figured out how to read patterns. Now, the possibilities are endless.

I love dolphins. This one is my own design. The blanket is one of the few afghans I have done multiple times. It’s called “Ruffled Intrigue” from 40 Favorite Ripple Afghans.

I’ve also tried my hand at quilling, tatting, and knitting. While I can do them, they are not my favorites.

My newest craft is machine embroidery. I got a machine about a year and a half ago, and I just love it. There are so many things I can make with it. The challenges of this are getting the material on the frame and sometimes choosing colors. The machine pretty much does the rest. I have had a few problems, but so far have been able to work around them.

A couple cloth diaper spit rags my mom wanted for gifts. I ended up putting on a blue backing to cover up the back. Designs from

I can’t wait to see what else I can make. I love trying new things. I usually don’t repeat projects too much because I get bored. I hope you stay tuned as I share my successes and failures as I create.


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